Friday, January 9, 2015

What I buy at Aldi

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If you have never been to Aldi, you should!  They are a huge money saver for my family. They are building a new one on my commute home and I am so excited.  

What to bring: A quarter and some reusable bags. The grocery carts require a quarter to release them. But, when you return the cart you get the quarter back. Aldi says this saves you money. If the carts are put away, cars cannot get dinged and Aldi is not required to purchase insurance.  Also, they do not give you bags in which to put your stuff. You can purchase bags or use left over boxes. This is a perfect use of those trendy reusable bags.  

Products I love
1. Cheese
2. Milk
3. Eggs (We eat a ton of eggs)
4. Produce!!! (There are great prices on produce)
5. Pizza crust
6. Cinnamon rolls and biscuits
7. Bread
8. Juice (frozen concentrate)
9. Frozen fruit
10. Dog food
11. Baking supplies
12. Holiday ham

What I don't love (Although, they have a double guaranty)

1. Canned fruits and veggies
2. Beauty products (unless you find name brand, which I've found before)
3) Cheez-its (The off-brand; they're a little waxy)

Other helpful hints: 

1) They usually have name-brand products at prices lower than the grocery store, but they aren't always in stock. So, get them while you can! I usually try to stock up on those items when they have them. 
2) Every once in a while I LEAVE the quarter in the grocery cart. Makes me think I'm making someone's day. Cause, come on, I would get pretty excited if I got a cart that already had a quarter in it. 

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