Friday, October 17, 2014

Nurses aren't disposable!!!

This post is inspired by my sister living in Dallas.

An old doctor once told me nursing was the second oldest profession.  Nurses might have in fact been the second oldest profession, because there has always been a need. Since the beginning of time, caring individuals have stepped forward to care for the sick and dying. For centuries, nursing was not a respected profession. Nurses were invisible and disposable. Nurses were exposed to illness and disease often in terrible conditions putting their own lives in danger. Florence Nightingale, changed the face of nursing. She began to make us respected professionals and cleaned up hospitals.  

America is in a total up-roar, because three people have been diagnosed with Ebola. Two of these individuals were nurses. In Africa, your chance of surviving Ebola is 10%.When diagnosed and treated in America, your chances of surviving Ebola is still only 50%.  But, nurses stepped up and cared for their patient. They put their lives at risk and the lives of their families at risk. All in an effort to save a man they did not know. A man seeking treatment where he had a 50/50 chance. As the news reported the CDC removing waste from Thomas Duncan's apartment in hazmat suits, nurses (and all health professionals) at Texas Presbyterian were caring for him in gowns and double gloves. No fancy hazmat suits for those on the front lines.

All the nurses who are cared for Thomas Duncan are heroes!! Nurses all to often continue to be invisible and disposable. So the next time you are in a doctors office, hospital, nursing home or where ever, remember that nurse maybe putting there life on the line for you. We are human too, we can catch Ebola!!!


  1. I was interested in your point of view. Thanks for posting and thank you for all you do!