Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Birth Story

February on this blog is all about babies. I have two jobs and I don't drink the water at one. The reason is because they are all pregnant.  The girls said that they want to know lots of birth stories. I only have two, here is the most recent.

As many of you know, I had twins eight years ago. I had a difficult pregnancy and was on house arrest (also know as bed rest) from 16 weeks. They ended up being delivered at 36 weeks via c section and only one baby needed oxygen for a short time. I only made enough milk for one baby, so I had to supplement early. After getting a bottle at 3 days old, they only wanted a bottle.  That started a cycle of pumping and feeding. It took all of my time and I only lasted a month.  I had set a goal to breastfeed for 6 months, so I was disappointed in my self.

After the shock of being pregnant again wore off, I started to plan. I wanted to VBAC, go into labor naturally, and breastfeed like a champ. Pretty most nothing happened as I planned, it never does.  I took the time very early in my pregnancy I did tons of research to find a doctor/midwife group. I wanted a practice that would not immediately label me high risk.  I wanted a group that would let my body do what it is supposed to do as long as possible.  I wanted to VBAC and although Pitocin scared me I was willing to try it before a c section. The plan was to deliver without pain medication.

I had Braxton hick contractions all through my pregnancy and quit working about 37 weeks thinking I would deliver early again.  I lasted until 41 weeks. Then I called and begged to be induced. I had been scheduled the day before was 42 weeks, but they let me come in a little early.  We went to the hospital and checked in at 5pm. My Pitocin was started by 7pm. Then nothing happened. I walked and walked and walked. 

At Midnight, they gave me Benadryl to help me sleep.  A few hours later real labor started. The midwife was right when she said, "you will know the difference."  The pain was totally manageable with the birthing ball. But, try balancing on a ball after taking Benadryl. Princess started to have problems with her heart rate so we had to back off the Pitocin. At a six centimeters, I was exhausted, back in bed and requested an epidural.

Then I finally napped. My husband had given up hours before and had napped off and on. We decided we needed to watch princess closer and decided to place a scalp electrode.  The process broke my water. Then I went back to sleep. At about 6pm, they woke us up.  Princess had an irregular heartbeat (again) and we decided to go to the OR. She was 9 pounds 4 ounces and we knew why she did not come naturally.

In the end, labor did not happen exactly as I had hoped. But I had caregivers I trusted and together we had a great outcome.

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