Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review of Milkin Cookies


Review of Milkin Cookies

At about 8 months my princess was way into baby food and nursed less. When I was away from her I pumped less, but when she was away from me she did not eat less. This created a problem.

At this point I am sick and tired of oatmeal and decided to try Milkin Cookies. I was hoping they would work as well as Milky worked, but at a lower cost.

I ordered the chocolate chip.At $22, they were less expensive. The cookies arrived quickly. I was surprised to realize that they were 210 calories. Compared to Milky which was 5 calories, this was tons more. Milkin cookies are made from real food ingredients, so the calories were somewhat expected.

The cookies are not overly sweet and tasted really good. They were packaged individually to keep them fresh. It was super easy to pack in my lunch for work.

They say most moms have results when eating one cookie a day. Unfortunately, I did not notice a boost in supply. I considered eating two cookies a day to see if that helped, but decided against the calories. I look forward to trying the other flavor, cranberry almond. Maybe I will have better results with those.

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