Monday, September 1, 2014

Simple Homemade Baby Food

Eight years ago I had twins. I stayed home with them a while and they ate a ton. They still do. The solution was to make their baby food. It is more simple than it seems and very inexpensive. My boys now are great vegetable eaters and I think it is from the good early start.

 Princess won't be six months old for a little while, but I wanted to feed her local, in season, food. This time I am only cooking for one baby. I have just been using left over food. These apples above are ready to become baby food.

Before you start make sure everything is very clean.  Be careful not to contaminate the baby food.  If your baby has a food allergy, you might not be able to tell what they are allergic too. 
I fill the pan with water to cover the bottom. Then put in sliced up fruit (or veggies). Steam them until soft. Allow to cool.

When the fruit cools put it in a food processer. (I have used a blender in the past, but you need lots of liquid. Include in the food processer the cooking liquid remaining.) The liquid will contain some nutrients. I have put formula in the mixture to add nutrients for foster children in our care. Process until smooth. Smaller babies prefer less texture.  It may take babies longer to get used to homemade food, because it won't be as smooth as store bought. My babies would not eat store bought food.

When complete spoon into ice trays and freeze.  When frozen, place in Ziploc bags for storage.

So far, I have made zucchini, yellow squash, blueberry, blueberry banana, apple, plums (which are not worth the work) and green beans.
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