Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tips for When Daddy Travels

My husband has been traveling recently and being left at home with four kids is not always a cake walk. Each trip has been a week long and he goes every month. I have discovered some tips to make life so much easier.

1. Grocery shop before he leaves.

2. Fill the car with gas. and maybe clean it out!

3. Plan meals and make sure you have all ingredients. Keep it simple. Now is not the time to try new things.

4. Get all laundry done ahead of time. And put away, this never happens at my house, but it is a great dream.

5. Set up a time for Face time. If the kids know that they will talk to daddy everyday they will fair better.

6. Stay with normal routines. Just as much for mommy as it is for the kids.

7. Have fun with the kids! It reduces everyone's stress. Take a walk or do something special.

Good Luck!!

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