Saturday, December 6, 2014

3 Christmas Tree Party Trays

Veggie Tray

On this tray, broccoli makes the body of the tree.  We were in a Community Supported Agriculture program and that is the lighter color green veggie. It is a cross between cauliflower and broccoli. It was really the hit of the party.  There is also cauliflower and grape tomatoes.

Fruit Tray
I love a fruit tray at  holiday party.  We eat so much junk at the holidays, but fruit makes it a little better. Make sure the berries are purchased just before your party so it remains fresh. I used the apple slices to keep all the fruit from rolling away, then filled in with grapes and berries. Of course, it is topped with star fruit.

Cream Cheese Tree
This tray is probably my husbands favorite. Take a block of cream cheese cut in to two diagonal squares and arrange in tree shape. Pour red pepper jelly on top. I like to serve this one with wheat thins.

If you are a lover of party trays like I am, try this one too.  

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