Sunday, December 14, 2014

$3 Party Tray

I was home with one of my little men and he was sick. He is not a big eater, so I went to the grocery store to find something he would eat. Our grocery store sells the ends of deli meat at a discounted price. I got the ends of sweet bologna for $1. If your grocery store does not sell like this, just ask for two thick slices of meat (1 in or 3/4 in slices). I also had block cheese I bought on sale for $2, it was muenster. You can use any cheese. Two varieties of cheese makes it a $5 tray. The crackers are left over, but they are not required.

$3 Party Tray

2 ends of deli meat, cubed $1
1 block cheese, cubed $2

Total Price $3

Assemble on a tray.

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