Sunday, April 5, 2015

Paging Dr. Facebook

I have a ton of hair, it is thick and coarse. When it looks nice I get tons of comments about my hair. The irony is that I know very little about hair. I search out stylists that know how to handle my thick hair. I need specific directions from a professional. I don't select a hair style or color before requesting assistance. I need help from and trust them to help me make a decision.

I have been disturbed recently to see the medical information exchanged on Facebook. Everything from open heart surgery to the use of vaccines. The original post can be very innocent or even a flat out request for information. Recently, a friend of mine on Facebook mentioned her one month old son had projective vomited the night before. She was sleep deprived and concerned about her son. In no time flat, her post was hijacked and he was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis. One well meaning person, insisted that she go into the doctors office and demand that her son have surgery. Babies throw up!!! They throw up for so many reasons. Because they eat too fast, because the formula does not agree with their tummies and to many other reasons to list. If you  are a Facebook friend, offer suggestions and support; not medical advice.

If you don't trust your doctor find a new one. Like my hair dresser, you might not see eye to eye with the first one you see. Ask them about their strategies for caring for patients. For some, the patriarchal old fashion doctor is just what the doctor ordered. Others like a more hands on, give and take kind of doctor. Neither is wrong, just find the right fit for you.

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